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As one of the pioneers in the Home Theater Design Industry 15 years ago, it became clear to Jack Fitzgerald, the president of Home Theater Lifestyles, that this was just what was needed to challenge his previous 10 years of talent, craftmanship and creativity in the construction and architectural community. There are many people that build houses, and many talents in every phase of the home building process, but it was not challenging enough for Jack. When he first experienced a true Home Theater Experience, it immediately became clear that this would be his true business passion. It is exciting, it is diverse, it is challenging, it requires constant learning and education and the diversity of people met along the way makes for a unique experience every time. The transformation of taking a blank pallet and creating such incredible theaters in such a short period of time and witnessing the reaction of clients and others during and after the transformation process, is truly the most rewarding part of this business.
Home Theater Lifestyles believes that the design and development of the Home Theater is an interactive, unique experience and as such our business model is to focus on quality of experience and product and our attention to detail, not volume of sales. This gives each and every client all the time and personal attention that they deserve throughout the entire process.

We pride ourselves on working with you to bring your vision to reality, and when choosing a theater company to help bring your vision to life, we feel that the following criteria give us the edge.


Home Theater Lifestyles has a strong presence in the home theater industry and a proven track record with a network of satisfied clients who are more than happy to personally share their experience with you, to give you confidence in your choice to work with Home Theater Lifestyles. We have the resources to effectively deliver every Home Theater from start to finish. Home Theater Lifestyles understands the importance of managing tielines and commitments to efficiently coordinate design, construction, manufacturing and installation of your Home Theater, giving you the peace of mind that we deliver what we say, when we say, and we are there until the job is done!

One of the biggest compliments that we get from our clients, is also one of the biggest complaints towards other theater companies. As a family owned business, we focus on the needs and desires of the client. While larger more corporate companies have rigid structures and policies, we recognize the importance of working with you. Not every client has the same needs or desires. The policies of larger theater companies have been tuned to maximize profits and protect their processes that would interrupt the flow of their volume. Being a family owned company, we evolve to meet the needs of our clients, not the bottom line. Of course processes and procedures do have their advantages, so as part of working with you we to take the time to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of procedural decisions we make along the way for your particular design and timeline.

We have developed a network of knowledgeable technicians and craftsmen to provide the perfect Home Theater Experience to exceed the expectations of evey client. In addition to our superior design team who will give you the look and feel of the Home Theater of your dreams, we pay extra attention to the elements that are routinely overlooked by other theater "designers". Our expertise in soundproofing, line of sight analysis, seating placement, speaker placements, acoustical analysis and bass management, allows us to make sure that your theater performs as great as it looks. All of our clients have told us that they had no idea how complexed a theater really is and all were grateful for the education along the way, to make educated decisions to fit their lifestyle. We even had a client who hired us to completely remove all the acoustical materials provided and installed by a well known, large theater design company in New York, because they used all absorbing materials and inappropriate fabrics. The theater looked nice, but sounded dead and lifeless even though the client had the best electronics that money could buy...over 200 thousand dollars worth. For that same client, we relocated surround speakers to optimize the performance of the surround field and more importantly, we took the time to take acoustical measurements and relocate 4 of the in-wall subwoofers and add additional subwoofers to increase the bass response at the seating locations. In this case, money was not originally any object, and throughout the process, the client was baffled by why these larger corporate companies did not take the time and extend the extra efforts to optimize the performance. The answer is lack of knowledge and protecting profitability. The client hired well known larger corporate companies, one for the acoustics and design and the other for the electronics, and the end result was a 350 thousand dollar theater that sounded terrible...but it did look nice.
There is so much more to a theater than making it look like a theater. Check out some of our stories about the development of the individual theater designs under our Lifestyle Designs to get a sense of just some of the work that goes into a sucessful Home Theater Installation.

With over 25 years in the Home Theater Design and construction/architectural community, we have the experience to execute designs with architectural integrity, while also providing a one-stop shop to successfully build your home theater from start to finish. Home Theaters have special requirements for soundproofing, lighting design, room construction, HVAC, sightline studies, seating platform construction, electronics, theater seating, high end custom woodwork and trims, acoustic treatments and panels, fiberoptics and design accessories. We have the experience to make sure that you don't sit in your finished theater and say "I just wish I would have known that I needed to do this or that to make it better". We will educate you every step of the way to make sure that nothing is overlooked, while giving you the options to make educated, well informed decisions.

Our clients expect the best and that is what we deliver. Theaters are unlike any other room in the home and while the impact of a Home Theater in itself is dramtic, we pride ourselves in the attention to detail that the theater deserves. Clients who want a theater in their home know what quality is and so do we. Our clients have quoted that they trust us completely, because our expectations exceed even theirs.

As a family owned business, our business model allows us to work direct with you, eliminating high percentage middleman markups of larger companies, allowing us to focus on quality, not volume, thus delivering a higher quality theater for less money. Without the rigid stucture of a corporate company, we give you all the time and attention you deserve to make educated, well informed decisions every step of the way.


"Your dedication to the theater really makes you stand far above any other designer, contractor, and other professional who I have EVER worked with. You really stand apart from all the rest and if you ever need a reference, just let me know!"

"The best part of designing and building my home theater was the daily interaction with the owner of the company. Jack was professional, creative and accommodating. Working with him, made the entire process an absolute pleasure!"

"We had an original idea to make the theater feel as if theater chairs were set on the sand at the beach, and you made it happen. It exceeded our expectations, and you did everything you said you would do."

"The lobby work is stunningly beautiful and like nothing I have ever seen before"


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